The 10 Hottest Jobs on Elance-Freelance

العمل علي الانترنت وظائف العمل عن بعد

The 10 Hottest Jobs on Elance-Freelance: Freelancing opportunities on Elance currently number in the hundreds, and that number grows daily. There is a place for everyone here, whether their expertise lies in content creation, telemarketing, or Ruby on Rails development. Is there enough work to keep a hungry freelancer busy?

According to Elance’s Online Work Index, here are today’s top 10 freelancing opportunities. Compared to the previous month, this month saw a rise of three points for freelance writing within the top 10. Developers and coders for the web are still in high demand. This list should serve as an excellent jumping-off point if you’re trying to broaden your skill set or considering making a career change.

Here Are The 10 Hottest Jobs on Elance-Freelance

10 Hottest Jobs on Elnace-Freelance:

First, more than 2,000 new jobs related to PHP development have been posted in the last 30 days on Elance. Where experts in the field have made over $860,000 in the past six months. Until now, PHP development has remained the most popular.

Second, the article writing industry has seen tremendous growth over the past month, with over 1,400 new positions being advertised and salaries for article writers averaging over $460,000 over the past six months. The popularity of authoring articles has been growing recently.

With 1,300 new jobs listed in the last 30 days, it’s clear that MySQL engineers are cashing in on Elance’s booming database market.

There have been 1,782 new HTML coding jobs advertised in the previous 30 days, and HTML coders have made slightly under $300,000 during the past six months. Independent HTML enthusiasts have a fairly consistent client base.

Elance-Freelance With CSS:

5. CSS coding: Have no fear if CSS is more your speed. Freelance CSS experts on Elance have made more than $130,000 in the past six months as the demand for their services has increased alongside the popularity of CSS. In the past 30 days, There were over a thousand advertising new positions.

Sixth, Photoshop: Experts in PhotoShop have made approximately $200,000 in the past six months through Elance. There have been 782 new job listings in the last month, so you should be able to find something to help you make ends meet.

In case you’re a freelance writer who also happens to be proficient in writing for the web, consider yourself lucky. Experts listed more than one thousand new positions in this field in the past month. And, the median salary for web content producers has risen to over $350,000 over the past six months.

Hottest Job With WordPress on Elance Best Platform:

Eighth, WordPress: Demand for WordPress developers is high and rising. They’ve made about $225,000 in the past six months because of Elance, and there are currently 677 open positions.

To round out the top ten, Flash development still brings in a little over $235,000 annually for freelancers. There was a huge increase in job postings last month, 1,199, so that’s promising as well.

Although this dark horse has risen 11 places since our last analysis, Elance does not appear to measure total money made solely in article authoring. Freelancers who are astute enough to see a trending market can potentially get in before the competition.

There are millions of dollars up for grabs on Elance. But, there are also over 91,000 other freelancers competing for them. Finding work isn’t the true challenge; the real challenge is getting hired.



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