Top Freelance Writing Sites You Should Know


Freelance writing is a rewarding activity, both from a financial and professional standpoint. A great way to start freelance writing is to sign up for an account on oDesk, Elance, Guru, or other freelance sites.

These freelance platforms are a marketplace where people and businesses look for contractors to provide them with services in various fields such as programming, web design, writing, and more. Thousands of job openings are posted on upwork and freelancer every day, but starting a successful freelance career can be difficult if you don’t have demonstrable experience. Here are some ideas to help you land your first freelance writing site job:

Take some tests – oDesk, Elance and Guru all have a test system that includes many skills. It is not mandatory to take a test to prove your freelance writing skills, for

example, but it can help you especially if you get a high score. Look for tests that test the skills you have. For example, if you are a freelance writer, you may want to take an English or other language proficiency test, a blogging test, a creative writing test, or a technical writing test. Don’t worry, you can choose which test results appear on your profile page if you fail the test or get a low score.

Create an online portfolio – this advice applies to all freelance web workers, not just freelance writers. If you don’t have enough projects to impress a potential employer, creating an online portfolio will help you land that precious first job. You can use a free blogging platform such as WordPress or Blogger. Write multiple articles on different topics, anything you enjoy or are good at. Make sure the online portfolio looks professional, is well written and has been thoroughly spell-checked.

Apply for a permanent job. On oDesk and Elance, there are two types of vacancies – paid by the hour and paid with a flat fee. Employers may be wary of hiring new entrants on hourly contracts. Therefore, opt for a permanent paid job, which is safer for the employer. Alternatively, a flat fee or weekly limit can be suggested even when requesting timepieces.

Offer Offers – Getting your first job on oDesk or other freelance sites is easier when you offer offers to employers. Many employers are specifically looking for the cheapest labor and may ignore the fact that you have no previous experience with the site.
Write a good cover letter – a cover letter is your business card and sales letter. Learn to market yourself effectively and your first job at oDesk, Guru or Elance will be a cinch. Stay professional and reliable and try to personalize every application. Employers want to know that you actually read their job description, not just spam them.

Apply these tips patiently and finding your first job on Elance or oDesk will be easier than you think -Top Freelance Writing Sites.



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