Fiverr Marketplace is a treasure


The Fiverr marketplace is a treasure trove for internet marketers. Let me show you why Fiverr is an internet marketer’s dream. I’ll also provide a case study of how I saved $193 from performing on Fiverr.

The Fiverr website showcases people all over the world offering services called “gigs.” Each show is sold to buyers for as little as $5. Fiverr admins charge a small fee and the rest goes straight to the gig provider.

That’s why this micro-employment site has become so popular.

In recent years, you’ve often had to pay a lot for outsourcing or marketing costs – be it images, website design, WordPress issues, header images, you name it.

I am a regular visitor to this site and I am very happy with the gig I bought. In general, the only time I’ve canceled a gig is because the seller couldn’t finish the gig as quickly as promised… but that’s generally true of any outsourced site.

Recently I had to create two charts and I wanted to compare their costs through a website. The three sites I’ve come across range from $77 to $98 each.

So I looked at Fiverr and found a gig that offered not one ecover chart, but two for just $5.00. In fact, each is only $2.50.

They were actually delivered the same day and I am very impressed with the result. By shopping on sites like Fiverr Marketplace, you can save yourself a lot of money.



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