How To Get Clients Being A Freelance Designer

Takyemat | How To Get Clients Being A Freelance Designer

Freelance Designer Client Acquisition – In terms of potential impact, this entry may be my most consequential to date. Having a firm grasp of the English language, a functioning PayPal account, and a high-quality web portfolio are the bare minimums needed to succeed as a remote graphic designer. How do we find work?

Don’t assume that Freelance Designer Client Acquisition will happen magically just because you’re competent. As I’ve said before, advertising your services is the key to success in this business. Making this mistake can cost you dearly.

And the notion is:

Increase the number of visitors who visit our website to the maximum.
Maintain positive interactions with popular search engines.
Customers-focused traffic.
Newsletter is an example of a medium that may be reused with existing clients.
Regional exposure.
Finding a credible advocate.
Getting in touch with the businesses on your own.
To maximise the number of people who check out our website, #1.

Why? Ignorant query, wouldn’t you say? When more people learn about us and visit our website, we naturally increase our chances of making sales. ERROR!!!!

Here’s a teaser… an illustration: A few months ago, SOS Factory was getting 4,000 monthly visitors; I recently received a link with a lot of traffic, and now it’s getting more than 25,000; would you say the number of customers has increased? Indeed, nothing has changed at all. But, bandwidth usage increased, so it’s possible that I’ll have to update my hosting package at some point in the near future. The concept is that up to a certain threshold, quality rather than quantity of traffic should be prioritized.

Perhaps you’re wondering why Freelance Designer Client Acquisition requires people to check out your website. Well, the more visitors you have, the more buzz you’ll generate, the more links you’ll get (assuming your content is valuable), and the higher your site will rank on search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN.

For illustration, let’s say that I am a tourist and that, upon seeing the mascots that we have designed, I immediately enjoy them. The following is an example of a link that could be included in the links area of a website: “mascot design” (leading to SOSFactory, where the user can enter their desired keywords for their mascot design). Google will rank my site highly for “mascot design”-related searches if enough people link to it from relevant search results, indicating that the site is relevant to the topic and hence essential. This click-through rate is crucial… there may be more or less competition to rank highly for a given set of search terms.

Here’s the lowdown on attracting backlinks:

Inspire others to share your site by providing them with free, unique, and humorous material (tutorials, articles, games…)
Publish your website’s links publicly (forums, blogs, directories, social networks…). Continually courteous, eh? please don’t spam us.
Get links from your clientele. It’s up to it, and if it agrees, that’s terrific.
Trading them with other website proprietors. Weighty and ineffective.
Investing a lot of money in purchasing numerous links. In my experience, it not only doesn’t work, but it can really be detrimental to the success of your company.
Worst practices to avoid:
If you must use Flash, keep it to a minimum; no fully Flash-based webpages.
Put away your pop-up blockers and welcome mats. If you don’t get to the point inside the first 30 seconds, half of your visitors will go.
The more text you can include on your website, the better.
Plan for a minimum screen resolution of 1024 pixels by 768 pixels.
Never cater only to a single browser. Those two browsers are the bare minimum requirements for proper display.

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