How Laziness Can Help You As a Freelancer

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Being Lazy Doesn’t Always Have a Negative Connotation. But, how Laziness Can Help You As a Freelancer?

A lazy person is probably the last person a freelancer would ever want to work with. Really, if you’re a freelancer whose guiding principle is “I don’t want to work,” you probably won’t succeed. Laziness has its benefits, though. In reality, if channeled in the right direction, idleness may improve productivity, create more leisure time, and reduce stress.

Can Laziness Help You as a Freelancer?

Some of essential points of many experts are bellow-

Put Your Brain Into It

“Work smart, not hard” is an adage that you’ve likely heard before. This is a crucial concept. Lazy people want to get what they want with as little effort as possible. While it’s true that laziness usually results in subpar output, this doesn’t have to be the case. If you’re feeling lazy, use it as motivation to get things done more quickly and with less effort.

Put an end to your inefficiency and let laziness help you.

When I am least productive is when I most often give in to laziness. Because of browser incompatibilities and inconsistencies, I may be attempting to repair a minor error in HTML, CSS, or JavaScript (screw you, Internet Explorer). It could take me an hour and I still might not get anywhere, which is wasteful, counterproductive, and aggravating. For the unmotivated independent contractor, this is the worst case situation.

Subcontract, Outsource, or Delegate

Now, anytime I know I’ll have to fix a glitch like this or perform some other chore I despise, I’m too lazy to do it myself and instead hire someone who can do a better job in less time. (For this task, is where I would suggest looking.) True, I’ll be out a bit of cash, but the time I’ll save can be put to better use elsewhere. Do what you’re strong at and outsource the rest; this is basic business sense. One of the most powerful forces that pushes me to work more and get more done, therefore relieving stress and avoiding irritation, is my own lethargy.

Facilitate Your Own Work by Creating More Direct Paths

Being lazy has its benefits. The secret is to simplify your life as much as possible. If you have any tasks that you perform repeatedly, you should consider implementing a workflow or process improvement to decrease the amount of time spent on each task. For instance, I used to waste a lot of time writing the same code for templates whenever I started a new website project.

To save time, I built a basic HTML + CSS template (framework) on which I base the websites for my clients. (You also don’t have to go to the trouble I took to make these frameworks from scratch. Excellent, free, pre-made HTML and CSS frameworks are available, like 960 Grid System and Blueprint. Now that I have a basic template/framework in place, my web design and development workflow is much more streamlined, and I can be more “lazier” and yet get the same outcomes as before.

Examine Your Work Practices

I am acutely aware of my level of efficiency at all times. When I’m doing something I’ve done a thousand times and have it down to a science, I feel terrific. When I’m stuck on a problem, on the other hand, I feel frustrated. I’ve learned to priorities jobs so that I complete the “simple” ones first and save the “hard” ones for last out of sheer laziness.

Moreover, I increasingly outsource (subcontract) the “hard” things at the outset of a project so that, while I’m crossing off the easy tasks (those that I’ve turned into an art or a science), someone else is crossing off the frustrating, time-consuming tasks that I would otherwise be dreading and wasting time on. You may be a successful and lazy freelancer by just recognizing the inefficiencies in your workflows and doing something about it. This is how laziness can help you as a freelancer.



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