Online Freelancing Is The Future Of Work

عمل المستقبل مستقبل العمل الحر

Online Freelancing Is The Future Of Work – Worldwide work is undergoing unprecedented changes. Websites such as Odesk, Elance, and Freelancer make companies easy to find freelancers online to help them complete different tasks. Those who use freelancers use freelancers because they are more cost-effective, they save the costs to offer employees health insurance and other benefits. They can quickly complete the required jobs and they have access to all kinds of employees. Example skills.

In recent years, the popularity of freelance on the internet has increased considerably. Companies reduce full labor and are increasingly looking for contract employees. The share of Americans that used the internet at home as an independent contractor at home was 9.2 %. It is expected that a third of all Americans will take on a form of online freelance in 2014. By 2020, people predict that half of all Americans will work as a freelancer or independent contractors.

There are many free professional platforms, each platform is suitable for a series of slightly different companies and freelancers. Although Peperperhour focuses on a task that can be done within an hour, Odesk can take an hour to a few months to complete. Workana, TaskRabbit, and Juggh are just a few of the many platforms aimed at freelancers. Liberty and Employers stand up for people who have published work on many platforms.

The two such websites Elance and Odesk announced the merger on December 18, 2013, and stated that “the merged entity will be in a good position and can offer the most modern tools for online recruitment and cooperation.” Odesk explained: “These two companies are paramount in pioneering innovation, and these innovations promote the popularization of long-term employment. We will be able to place more money in customer-oriented goods and services. Founded in Egypt. However, Elance is not the only free professional website in Egypt or the Midden -East. Elance will have to compete with websites such as Nabbes, Jobzla, and Laimoon.

The expansion of the free professional website is very suitable for those who try to find a job at home for Online Freelancing. Liberty is becoming increasingly popular all over the world. That is why websites such as have been expanded so quickly, which is not surprising. Fiverr was founded in 2009. It is a market where users can buy and sell miniature-free professional services here. Since 2011, the popularity of FIVERR has increased by 600 %, which means it is placed in the top 200 websites with the highest visits in the United States.

Odesk Enterprise and international vice-president Matt Cooper said: “The future of work is formed by the convergence of two trends, one of which is the rapid expansion of online freelancers to become the new standards they have become the new standard work in the period. In recent years, the economy has changed on the basis of Online Freelancing. More and more people often transfer professions. In the future, you can stay in the same company for five years, but to do this for five years, but to do it for five years Do for five years, but to do it for five years, but to do it for five years, but to do it for five years, but to do it for five years, but to be five years at the same time. ”

Freelance on the Internet is not suitable for everyone. You must rely on your willpower and self-control. Your success or failure depends entirely on you, but given the charm of the current economic environment and the flexible lifestyle that many people want, one thing is certain: freelance professions remain here.





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