Do I Need to Learn Code to Be a Freelance Blogger?

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Freelance Blogger without Coding – Preparing a blog for public consumption can be a lengthy process. Many first-time bloggers are taken aback when they discover their post has been published, despite the fact that there are numerous free blogging platforms with a plethora of themes from which to pick. In a nutshell, “it depends” is the reply to the question posed in the heading. The vast majority of bloggers are familiar with HTML and CSS at least at a fundamental level. One such case is when you want a specific look for a post or widget. Bloggers often “learn on the job,” however.

In a blog, the content is king. In addition, visuals are extremely effective. Nonetheless, the text is crucial because it is used as the basis for search engine indexing. Hence, writing new blog posts is the most time-consuming and challenging part of maintaining a blog, not creating the blog itself. Not just sharing, but also pushing out.


Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) is a coding language that is widely used in blogs. But, the blog itself contains editorial facilities. Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) is the building block of a post. How the text within the post is shown is determined by the HTML code. The “kitchen sink” or WYSIWYG button on the toolbar is frequently used by bloggers (What You See Is What You Get). Depending on the blog’s designer, Javascript and Flash may also be used.

The Importance of Coding to Independent Contractors

Learning how to code may not be mandatory for all freelance writers and bloggers, but it can certainly enhance their skills and increase their income potential. For instance, some publishing houses require freelancers to incorporate valid HTML into their work, which can be easily done by learning the basics of coding. On the other hand, not having HTML knowledge can make it challenging for writers to format their work as per the publisher’s requirements. If you’re interested in freelancing, knowing how to start freelancing without coding may be possible, but having some coding knowledge can undoubtedly make the process smoother.

Learn to Code: A Guide

As a freelance without coding skills utilizing a computer’s processing speed is a practical approach to gaining knowledge quickly. To analyze a blog that interests you, right-click and choose “see source” from the menu that appears. To locate specific text on the page, you can use the “Ctrl+F” shortcut and the search bar. By doing so, you can quickly navigate to the desired information without struggling with the source code. Although, in the future, having some basic coding knowledge can make the process more comfortable, just as a musician can “hear” a composition by looking at notes on a staff.

Mistakes to Avoid

As a Freelance Blogger without Coding skills, it’s important to maintain a level of moderation in your work. While it may be tempting to add code markings or other technical elements to your blog posts, it’s important to first inquire with the client or publisher to see if they desire such additions. In addition, you may want to ask if they would like any specific keywords or tags added to the post to help with search engine optimization. By fulfilling the requests of your customers, you not only improve your chances of repeat business, but you may also learn new skills along the way that could eventually lead to the ability to code.

Freelance writer and social media advocate Owen Richason. Formerly, he wrote for the Tampa Bay Business and Financier. The Houston Chronicle,, AOL, and dozens of other online publications have published his writing.


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