Online Freelance Writers Are As Good As The Ones You Will Find Offline

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Freelance writer jobs online are becoming increasingly popular as more companies look to outsource their content needs.

It’s strange that so many people are embracing the idea that platforms that hire freelance writers make a significant difference in the quality of output these people deliver.

This is just not true.

As we’ve seen so many times, freelancers can be as good as they are bad, regardless of the platform they were originally identified on and ultimately hired on.

So the point that we want to emphasize here is that you chose a freelancer that you found on a freelancer site and another that you got from your personal contacts – a live People in the corner not too far from your home, where there are little distinguishable is two in terms of the quality of work they deliver.

In fact, in the first case – you find a freelancer online, even if that person is in a very different geography and time zone – maybe a completely different country or continent, you will still find that it affects the actual output Quality doesn’t matter that much.

For example, if we consider the whole outsourcing phenomenon, we will find that a large part of it is in jobs that are outsourced from the US to India, which is a very different geography and time zone. However, from the perspective of working with local suppliers, the end customer hardly notices any difference in output quality. In fact, they wouldn’t even know it was an Indian entity outsourcing unless they were told!

In this context, you should keep in mind that geography or location actually has little to do with output quality. Likewise, identifying a freelance writing platform has absolutely nothing to do with the extent to which quality output is delivered.

So go ahead and hire freelance writers both online and offline. Remember to double check their references and always be skeptical about hiring completely new hands i.e. freelancers who don’t have references or feedback to show from other clients.

Agree that everyone has to start somewhere – as a complete newbie at some point, but why take the risk unless you know that freelancer personally?

All is this about the Freelance writer jobs online.

Working With Freelancers: Keys To Making It Great

Working on a larger project with one or two freelancers is great for both the company and the freelancer. Freelancers work from home and can still earn a decent income. The company doesn’t have to pay the benefits, technically they don’t hire the person, they can enjoy the skills that a freelancer has to offer, something they may not be able to find around.

Working with freelancers can also be a bit stressful depending on the freelancer. Keeping an eye on these five things and making sure they happen will make working with any freelancer great.


Before working with freelancers, it is always a good idea to make sure that they are reliable. If they have no comments, offer them a short interview with a deadline so they know if they will submit the job on time. If freelancers don’t meet the interview deadlines, they probably won’t meet the deadlines.

Communication must also be reliable. Freelancers can be reached at least once a day, if not more often. After all, most freelancers work from home and it only takes seconds to send a message back in the app.

eager to learn

Every freelancer should be willing to learn new things. If a freelancer’s approach is too fixed, they won’t be flexible enough to deal with the many changes that can happen in the workplace, which can make it easy to work with them.

Make sure freelancers are willing to learn something new by asking them to sign up for the workplace app they use. It is not a good sign if they stick to something they are already familiar with instead of spending time learning a new workplace communication app, and it is better to seek other professionals.

Pay in time

Freelancers can be a bit picky when they work with dodgy companies, just like companies don’t want to work with dodgy freelancers. By paying on time, responding quickly to messages in workplace communication apps, and helping them learn new things, companies are laying the foundation for long-lasting working relationships with great freelancers.


Freelancers may not have a long list of reviews, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have the experience needed for the job. It can be hard to check without reviews, but it’s not impossible. Just ask freelancers for examples of blogs they’ve written for previous jobs to determine if they have relevant work experience. Another great way to find experienced freelancers for your writing needs is to search for freelance writer jobs online.

to communicate

Communication is key to making sure everything runs smoothly. If freelancers are sick or have a family emergency, they should discuss it with the people they work for. Make sure the freelancer knows how to use a workplace communication app and see what happens.

If a message is sent to a freelancer and they don’t respond, that’s a sign of things to come. Business owners have done their bit by making sure they know how to use workplace apps. Then it’s up to the freelancers to make sure they can’t meet the deadlines for sending messages, etc.

Working with freelancers can be very beneficial for companies around the world. Keeping these five things in mind will keep things running smoothly and allow the company to build a lasting relationship with the perfect freelancer.


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