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The Best Advice For Sites Bidders – Aka Freelancers – Did you just learn about the wonders of online freelancing platforms? Are you enamored with the mind-boggling sums that the best programmers made last year? Is that something you believe you’re capable of accomplishing? In the meantime, ponder the situation and consider some free suggestions.

So, you’ve made the leap to working independently? Do you want to be your own boss? Great! There is a high probability that you will fail.

I take it I’ve got your attention now?

You’ll dismiss his claims as ignorance on his part. You are correct. Keeping it a secret from me is fine. Statistics is something I put a lot of stock in. Indeed, the numbers are really unforgiving:

Just look at Rent a Coder, the holy land of independent contractors. (In my humble view,) the top Freelance platform. In total, there are almost 210,000 programmers in the world. Less than 8%–9% have secured more than 1-2 Jobs over the course of their “career,” and only 27,000 have finished at least 1.

So… only 14% took action, and of them, only 33% can claim they are actively working towards their goal of being a freelancer. Without a doubt, there are over 3,000 that succeed admirably, with no less than 500 thrivings and leading the pack.

What can we infer from this? The vast majority of those who try to go it alone end up failing.

I don’t understand why. I can’t say for sure. One must look at the circumstances of each individual case. But, I will do my best to highlight typical blunders and provide guidance for increasing your chances of success.

Best Advice for Site Bidders – Aka Freelancers:

The Very First Actions

Most people who join a Freelancer site do so because they are eager to start making money quickly and easily. I’m sorry to be the one to break it to you, but there really is no such thing as a fast track. Neither luck nor connections can ever lead you to financial success; only hard effort, and especially good work, will do that.

The first blunder is to begin bidding on huge or expensive projects. That’s something novices should never do. You have no recommendations, no experience dealing with customers, and the typical communication skills of a computer nerd.

Some Task Advice for Site Bidders Aka Freelancers:

Five to ten little tasks, each taking two to three hours, is a good place to start. Choose tasks that won’t cost you more than $10-$25.There is no rational person who would trust you with a more responsible position without seeing some proof of your worth beforehand. When bidding on worthwhile projects, do not bid too low.

Do not try to undercut those who bid $100-$200 on the same task by saying, “I’ll do it for $20.” Doing so would make you look either foolish, unrealistic, or desperate. Personally, I wouldn’t trust either of them as a buyer.

For me, not communicating with the buyer is the biggest issue in bidding, and that’s not even a “beginners only” mistake. DO NOT submit a bid without some sort of explanation text, even when you first begin bidding. Don’t put bids up on sites like “100$ – I can do it,” “150$ I am the greatest,” or “100$ can start today,” for example. It’s a sign of disinterest and slothfulness. Who wants to collaborate with a slacker or an idiot? It is the most important and best advice for site bidders – Aka Freelancers.

Be memorable; your first bid should spark instant attraction. Explain why you are qualified for the position. If possible, please provide examples from your past work. Demonstrate to the purchaser that you are conversant in the same areas of conversation.

Posing some astute questions before placing an offer is a good starting point. Put out some logical inquiries (not moronic questions, that is a no-no). Get as much information as you can (not all, but at least some). That demonstrates participation, interest, and a shared platform for discussion.

Consider this initial offer, which was not a bid at all – Site Bidders Freelancers:

I am able to create a custom Delphi program for you.
For the assignment at hand, I’d like to know whether or not it would be helpful to have thumbnails and full-size images (clicking on the former would take you to the latter) shown side by side in the proof form.

Should there be form versions for both HTML and PHP in the application? PHP should discreetly mail the form to the photographer, or if MySQL support is present on the website, submit the form to the web server; in contrast, HTML will generate an Email report using the customer’s preferred email client.

Where should the program generate the CD-R for the photos?


After carefully considering your bid request, I would like to submit my own.
I did some investigating on the points you raised, and here are my findings and opinions:

A) Midi – Jupload’s “customFileFilterExtensions” argument can be used to exclude specific file types. Nevertheless, there is a further restriction within the zoom component for certain particular audio formats: ‘mp3′,’ogg’,’wma’ \sB) With all the restrictions we’ve covered, saving shouldn’t be a problem.

The gallery will soon have another upgrade available for paying users. There’ll be another level of administration menus with this addition. Answering the question “C”) What should the button do? simply fill out the signup form? Is that type of account free of charge?

The second choice, “Free registration,” should allow the user to move forward without selecting a payment method, as far as I can tell.
For the most part, the remaining chores are self-explanatory, and I’ve no trouble doing them.

Demonstrate Portfolio Extensive Experience(Best Advice For Sites Bidders – Aka Freelancers ):

My portfolio demonstrates that I have extensive experience working with the Joomla content management system and that I have created both individual components and entire site solutions for RAC users (as you can see in my latest work for XYZ on RAC).

As you can see from my site, XXX, I am also the inventor and maintainer of a free Joomla suite of components. You’ll choose the best offer for you, and I hope it’s mine. What do you think of these alternatives to “I can do it” and “Let’s start”?

Most bidders come from countries where English is not the official language, therefore the buyer will want evidence that you can interact with them. Do it verbally. Go creative with your wording. Don’t use catchy phrases. Make an effort to market your abilities. There are, without a doubt, a great many brilliant programmers working today. Just do something that will make you stand out. It helps to have a strong portfolio of past work or, at the very least, some sales experience when applying the best advice for site bidders – Aka Freelancers.

One crucial piece of best advice for site bidders – Aka Freelancers, I have is to never take a job working for another freelancer. Smart freelancers who have a long list of past clients may approach you to do work for them. Don’t give in to the temptation. That’s just a stupid idea. You need to raise YOUR OWN visibility and reputation. NO, IT’S NOT THEIRS! If that’s the case, you need to get out into the world and into the workforce. This alternative is superior and safer than the current arrangement. That was all for the Best Advice For Site Bidders – Aka Freelancers.



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